Jun 28, 2017

Occidental Grand Punta Cana

About my fab vacations back in 2000... Look how our resort is becaming fully renovated right now.....fantastic!!!! 

Jun 24, 2017

Today MOZAMBIQUE Earthquake

Earthquake 5.8 magnitude. 34 km NW of Dondo, Mozambique. 03:37. (vía @earthquakewapp)

Jun 19, 2017

In and out!!!

Wonderful world this one of the snail mail penpalling!!!
I am happily belonging to it for over 35 years!!!....
Si,si...soy así de viejita!!! Fíjate, caray!!!!! 

Jun 13, 2017

Jun 11, 2017

When things go wrong....

...sometimes when u try new watercolour mediums, u end up destroying ur own watercolour painting.... Acontece!!! :-D

Jun 9, 2017

Jun 1, 2017

Poia de boi!!

....pankekas poia de boi!!!  Ohkebelonome!!! :-)
De X em qd a coisa corre-me mal!!! Mas o sabor ficou óptimo na mesma!!! Eheheh
Kerem saber a receita? 
Comentem em baixo.... Botem  faladura!!! :-D