Jun 26, 2014

Jun 22, 2014

weGGis #1

Hello there!!! 
Remembering those days...
Here we are..back from our vacation around ...12 days.... Switzerland, France and Germany.... but mostly we were in Switzerland!!! 
And we loved it!!!

Now let's see some of the shoots i took in Weggis!!!! 

Weggis is a municipality in the district of Lucerne in the cantoof Lucerne in Switzerland.

It forms part of the northern shore of Lake Lucerne. The official language is German.

Weggis it's ...  !! 

Jun 20, 2014

From India....

U've have got a fat snail mail package, Manu!! 

It took almost 2 months to arrive, altough!!
It was caught in the customs service!!

Full of lovely postcards inside & amazing stamps!!! 

When possible, i'll show you also the marvelous stamps inside this enveloppe!!

Thannnnnnnnksssssssss so muchhhhhh!!

Answer on ur way very soon again.....

Jun 5, 2014

Vila Real city, #2.

Hola que tal??!!  
Mas unas fotitas de mi finde por calles de Vila Real....en Portugal. 

Que bonitas casinhas....tão coloridas!!! 
Esta foto podia ter sido tirada na cidade do Porto!!!!
Podia... mas n era a mesma coisa!!! :D

 Sacando fotos de dentre de la iglesia Barroca!!
 (Tengo que mirar su nombre...jajaja)

Havia muita luz.... o céu estava foleiro á brava.... as fotos sairam um valente caca!!
May b next time. 


Ya volveremos.