May 17, 2014

Pousadas of Portugal - Luxury Pousadas (Hotels)

Hey, at Poousadas of Portugal, Marão!! Last week!
The Pousadas of Portugal Group is an exclusive chain of 34 historic hotels, many of which are considered to be amongst the top hotels in Portugal. The luxury Pousadas are the very embodiment of the best that Portugal has to offer and are renowned for offering unique, lavish hotel accommodation in superb locations. 
Ma little (busy) hand at.... Marão Pousada.
Shooting staurs.. at Marão Pousada.

History of the Pousadas of Portugal...
In the 1940s the Portuguese Government formed the Pousadas of Portugal in order to preserve many historic and culturally important buildings by converting them into luxury hotels with elegant accommodation. Many Pousada hotels were formerly monasteries, palaces, convents and castles and they have been restored in order to maintain the elegance of a by-gone era whilst incorporating all modern conveniences. These unique hotels are located throughout mainland Portugal and the Azores in either historic cities such as Evora, a world heritage site, or in rural areas of outstanding natural beauty or interest such as Geres National Park.

Appeal of the Pousada Hotels...

The luxury Pousada hotels will appeal to visitors seeking many types of holiday, including those who enjoy stunning beaches, world class golf courses, luxurious spa facilities, world heritage sites, national parks, historic cities or lively seaside towns. Or simply to those who enjoy excellent cuisine accompanied by world famous wines whilst relaxing and just watching life go by. Many Pousadas are also the perfect location for weddings, events, business meetings and conferences.

Our services to you...

We, at ParaPromotions, have been a partner of the Pousada Group since 1993. Our experienced, multi-lingual team, based in Portugal, is available to offer free advice to help you plan your trip to Portugal. We can also recommend travel routes across both Portugal and Spain where we have a similar relationship with other unique, historic hotel groups including the magnificent Paradores of Spain


Marão mountain. Northern area.

Marão mountain.

Vila Real

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pimentinha said...

Portugal tem lindas Pousadas e é realmente importante dar isso a conhecer. Beijo grande e bom fim-de-semana

Manu World said...

:) obgd, beijinho grd tb. happy fds. ***

Gata said...

Belas pousadas, e bela e viajada mãozinha!

Manu World said...

Obrigada miau muau.