Oct 8, 2013

Rougemont #2, The Church of Saint-Nicolas de Myre.

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The Church of Saint-Nicolas de Myre, Rougemont.


Rougemont Church was built circa 1080 by the monks of Cluny that Count Gruyere was called to build a monastery.This priory is the first and only monastery of the Vaud Alps.
Rougemont and belongs to the same spiritual and abbeys Payerne Romainmôtier family. The shrine is dedicated to St. Nicolas of Myra, martyr of the fourth century, patron saint of children, celebrated on December 6. church has not undergone significant changes in the choir, the transept and the bell tower. It is Romanesque style, built in the classical model Cluny: it has the shape of a Latin cross, the high nave is based on aisles. The choir has three apses. On the transept, a square tower door bells. Changes were made ​​to the plan, especially the Bernese period. The transept was shortened, the enlarged head. One roof, high-angle, replaced the roof of the nave and aisles. The low roof, Roman tower was replaced by a spire of the Oberland style. Bern The time brings other changes. Reform is preached from 1555 to Rougemont and the church goes Reformed worship. As the priory, it was demolished and replaced by the Castle of bailiffs. Tombstones preserved in the church concern family members of the Bernese bailiffs.A major restoration from 1919 to 1926 revealed the stone of the building, then covered with five layers of plaster. The ceiling of the nave roof redone in wood. The paintings are executed by the painter Correvon, from the grounds of the thirteenth century. The central window (Rivier) is dedicated to Christ and those sides (Delachaux) recall the gift of Rougemont monks of Cluny and the prediction of the Reformation.The tower houses four bells, three of the fifteenth century, the fourth was melted for the 900th anniversary of Rougemont in 1980.


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