Oct 18, 2013

PapiLioRaMa #1, The buTTerfLieS.

Et maintenant?!
Papiliorama!! ... here we go.... 

The main aim of the founders of Papiliorama has always been of an idealist nature. However the legal form did not correspond to this from the very beginning. Papiliorama was founded as a limited society. At the time, this was the only possibility to get access to garanteed credits. After the gigantic fire of 1995 and the resulting spontaneous donations made through the Swiss public, which made possible the reconstruction of Papiliorama, the society decided to turn itself into a foundation of public utility. It was the first such case in Switzerland. The aim of the foundation ist to introduce the public to the diversity of tropical and indigenous fauna and flora and to actively contribute to their protection. The main target groups are todays young generations. This is the reason why, the foundation offers special rates for guided tours to school classes. 


As pikenas não estava kietas!! 
Foi complicado fotografar as meninas.... bolazzzz!!!

More on PapiLioRaMa coming soon.

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