Oct 2, 2013

Genéve #2, the cathedral.


                  ABOVE:  We have visited Saint Pierre Cathedral as well. More later. 

Geneva is located at 46°12' North, 6°09' East, at the south-western end of Lake Geneva, where the lake flows back into the Rhône River. It is surrounded by two mountain chains, the Alps and the Jura.

INFO: wikipedia

 Geneva (/ɨˈnvə/FrenchGenève, IPA: [ʒə.nɛv];Arpitan:Genèva, IPA: [dzəˈnɛva] and GermanGenf;IPA: [gɛnf][3]) is the second most populous city in Switzerland(after Zurich) and is the most populous city of Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Situated where the Rhone exits Lake Geneva, it is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

The municipality (ville de Genève) has a population (as of August 2013) of 194,458, and the canton(République et Canton de Genève, which includes the city) has 474,169 residents.[1] In 2011, the compactagglomération franco-valdo-genevoise (Great Geneva or  Grand Genève) had 915,000 inhabitants in both - Switzerland and France (< 30mins distance). Within Swiss territory, the commuter area named "Métropole lémanique" contains a population of 1.25 million. This area is essentially spread east from Geneva towards Riviera area (VeveyMontreux) and north-east towards Yverdon-les-Bains, in the neighbouring canton ofVaud (< 60mins distance).

INFO. wikipedia

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