Oct 13, 2013

And...inside da largest underground lake in Europe!!!

Cá vou eu....

Shooting.... shooting and...only this one come out more or less.... lol

A única foto que ficou em condições de publicar aqui no meu estaminé... todas as outras ficaram uma bela porcaria... para n usar outra linguagem mais....  mais....isso, isso!!



In the heart of the Valais, between Sion and Sierre, discover the underground lake of St-Léonard. With 300m length, 20m wide, 10m depth, this is the biggest natural underground lake in Europe which you can visit by boat.
During a 30 minutes boat trip on the cristal clear water, you will enjoy the peace of this amazing place while your guide gives you all explanations about the underground lake.

Various types of stone glitter at a height of ten meters, their shapes reflected on the 6,000 square meter surface of the lake. Visiting the subterranean lake of St. Léonard is a unique adventure. The 300 meter long and about 20 meter wide watery underworld is considered to be a place of special power. It has been accessible to tourists since 1949. Jean-Jacques Pittard is said to have been the first person to scientifically explore the cave.

Back to daylight, the terrace by the entrance of the lake is a great stop to enjoy the view on the Rhone Valley and why not tasting the wine from the surrounding vineyards.


Um pouco + de cóltura...

Saint-Léonard underground lake (French Lac souterrain de Saint-Léonard) is located at Saint Léonard in the canton of ValaisSwitzerland. With a length of 300 and a width of 20 m it is the largest underground lake inEurope. It was discovered in 1943 by Jean-Jacques Pittard. Prior to 1946 the water-level was much higher, but an earthquake with a force of 5.6 on the Richter-scale opened additional fissures in the cave on January 25, 1946. Its water is constantly at 11 °C (52 °F). The lake is accessible by the public since 1949. Visits are organized daily from March 15 to November 1, from 9 am to 5 pm. The visit is about half an hour long, and is held in English, French, German and Italian. Ticket-prices are 10 CHF for adults and 5 CHF for children.
Access to the lake was closed from 2000 to June 2003, after the stability of the site was improved by the addition of more than 5000 bolts driven into the ceiling.

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