Oct 30, 2013


SpeeDy... by smOOth.n.FunKy
SpeeDy..., a photo by smOOth.n.FunKy on Flickr.

wHen i'Ve No tiMe to shOOt arouNd... that's the result!!

Anyway, it was fun to have these 20 minutes to shoot around.... yeahh, i was on a rush... ehehehe
Still testing speed shutter...it's huge fun....

PapiLiorama #4, on D'a garDen.

Cá estou eu .... 

Ya volveremos... 

Oct 29, 2013

ciRque Du soLeiL, aN uNforgeTTable eXperienCe!!!

cirque du solel by *manuworld*
cirque du solel, a photo by *manuworld* on Flickr.
Some of the shoots i took with my extra old camera in the world expos i was blessed to visit in : 1992, 1998 and 2008.
had the time of my life there, and seeing cirque du solel performing live around myself was indeed an unforgettable experience.
so excited about that.
then i do love all the world expo's exhibitios too.... of course!!

+ shoots in this travel blog.
check for WORLD EXPO's label.



butterFLY by *manuworld*
butterFLY, a photo by *manuworld* on Flickr.

en suisse.