Jun 22, 2014

weGGis #1

Hello there!!! 
Remembering those days...
Here we are..back from our vacation around ...12 days.... Switzerland, France and Germany.... but mostly we were in Switzerland!!! 
And we loved it!!!

Now let's see some of the shoots i took in Weggis!!!! 

Weggis is a municipality in the district of Lucerne in the cantoof Lucerne in Switzerland.

It forms part of the northern shore of Lake Lucerne. The official language is German.

Weggis it's ...  !! 


Rui - Olhar d'Ouro said...

Esse lago só conheci de passagem para Itália...
Mas fiquei com ele no olhar e agora vejo um pouco do muito que perdi!!!

Manu World said...

Obgada.....Pois, mas o lago luzerne está lá á espera de futuras viagens por estas paragens....