Sep 18, 2013

Gruyéres #1 The castLe

Hello from Switzerland , from lovely Gruyéres!!
Ma chérie... 

The Castle of Gruyères (in French: château de Gruyères), located in the medieval town of Gruyères,Fribourg, is one of the most famous in Switzerland. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

Gruyères (French pronunciation: ​[ɡʁɥiˈjɛʁ]) is a town in the district of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg inSwitzerland. Its German name is Greyerz.
The medieval town is an important tourist location in the upper valley of the Saane river, and gives its name to the well-known Gruyère cheese.

Gruyères has an area, as of 2009, of 28.4 square kilometers (11.0 sq mi). Of this area, 11.5 km2 (4.4 sq mi) or 40.5% is used for agricultural purposes, while 14.18 km2 (5.47 sq mi) or 50.0% is forested. Of the rest of the land, 1.55 km2(0.60 sq mi) or 5.5% is settled (buildings or roads), 0.24 km2(0.093 sq mi) or 0.8% is either rivers or lakes and 0.92 km2(0.36 sq mi) or 3.2% is unproductive land.


Coming soon with Gruyéres #2.


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