Sep 25, 2013

And... Zug #1, da ciTy!!

Greetings from Zug city and + shoots taken... 

Zug (German: Zug, [tsʊk] ( listen); French: Zoug; Italian: Zugo; Romansh: Zug; Latin: Tugium (named in the 16th century)), is a German-speaking city in Switzerland. The name ‘Zug’ originates from fishing vocabulary; in the Middle Ages it referred to the right to ‘pull up’ fishing nets and hence to the right to fish.
The city of Zug is located in the Canton of Zug and is its capital. As of 31 December 2012 it had a total population of 27,534 inhabitants.[1]

Zug is a low tax region, and is headquarters for a number of multinational enterprises.
Zug's best known agricultural product is kirsch.
On 27 September 2001, an angry, unstable gunman, Friedrich Leibacher, shot and killed 15 people including himself in the cantonal parliament of Zug. The event became known as the Zug Massacre.[4]

Coming soon with more shoots... but no more from Zug...i suppose!! 

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