Apr 26, 2013

i'M yOurS 4eVer... i'm!!

This is the best song that Atlantic Starr ever made!!!!!!

Atlantic Starr - Yours Forever

Felizmente sou uma das felizes contempladas com o CD q tem esta maravilha!!!!!

Ohh ........ i'm urs 4ever......i'M!!!!

Apr 15, 2013

From São Tomé & Princepe!!!

Thanks B!!

Love ur photo & stamps!!!
Obrigadaaaaaaaaaaaaa por escrever!!!
I hope u'll also love the postcards and photo i sent u off this week!!!

Apr 11, 2013

esTica o Teu bRaÇo e toCa-Me...

esTica o teu bRaÇo... by *manuworld*
esTica o teu bRaÇo..., a photo by *manuworld* on Flickr.

... aBraça-Me e aMa-Me!!...
...Tu coNsegueS!!
U do!!

haPPy weeK-enD from OPORTO city.
The INESCO site... aboveeeeee!!!

Born and living in paradise!!!
i toLd u...i DiD!!

Apr 4, 2013


boLivia...cHeCk!!! by *manuworld*
boLivia...cHeCk!!!, a photo by *manuworld* on Flickr.
yeah i guess it's the nicest phonecard i have in all the worldwide phonec collection i have.... i have about 4 from that churches Bolivian phonec edition, they are trully a wonder!!!

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