Dec 14, 2012

D'a brigHt HospiTal

D'a brigHt HospiTal by *manuworld*
D'a brigHt HospiTal, a photo by *manuworld* on Flickr.

B'cose hospitals can b much nicer ... on Autumn!!
Today....enchanted and lost... at d'a city heart... AGAIN!!!

Born and living in paradise....i told u !!!

Dec 10, 2012

LosT wiThouT u!!

**LosT wiThouT u** by smOOth.n.FunKy
**LosT wiThouT u**, a photo by smOOth.n.FunKy on Flickr.

SunSet iN paRadiSe....another one!! 
at my oporto, the Unesco site.

Dec 5, 2012

The hiDDen jeweL...tHe reaL oNe!!

tHe oLd wOmaN aNd tHe caT by Manu World
tHe oLd wOmaN aNd tHe caT, a photo by Manu World on Flickr.

A verdadeira Ribeira.... escondidinha...escondidinha.... Linda k só ela!!!....
E como sempre me fascina descobrir estes cantinhos... cheios de histórias, beleza e cores p me encantarem... ....Sempre e todos os dias!!!

UNESCO site, OPORTO city.

sKetchiNg mOOd!!

shoot taken with my bad quality....

Dec 1, 2012