Aug 5, 2012

MonasTery oF SeRRa do PiLar

Ahhh perontuz... ...lá foi a menina brincar ca Nex... está visto!!!! 

Sim..... mas isto são umas old shoots i took....  February 2012... 

Here we are back on track.... 
I know u missed seeing my Nex shoots.... me either!

           Shooting around from Luis I bridge.... Henry the navigator bridge  in the background.

Charlieeeeeeeeeeeeee this it's for u, my dear!! 

This 17th century former Augustinian monastery is laid out in a circular form unique to Portugal. The round church with its hemispherical dome is a replica of the Church of Santa Maria Redonda in Rome. It took 72 years to complete due to shortage of funds and the Spanish invasion, which also accounts for it being named after a Spanish saint. The barrel vaulting to the circular cloisters is borne on 36 Ionic columns. From the front of the church there are wonderful views over the river and the city. 

Douro river and the old area of Vila Nova de Gaia city.

Nos veremos prontico amigossssssssssssssss!!
Happy semanita. 


Martini Bianco said...
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Manu World said...

Mt agradecida!!
Dd a biketa,saludos!!