Jan 28, 2012


Volteiiiii gentjiiiiiii!!!!

UFO at home??

UFO at home... 

Um sunset BEM diferente cá na aldeia... portanto!!!


E o UFO levou-me para bem longe..... 
Catch ya later on...guyzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! *****


Jan 20, 2012

Santa Clara...

Santa Clara Church
Oporto city, Portugal

I am back on track...
I missed u too!!!... :D

Shooting around... in twenty five minutes!!...


A ROCOCO and BAROQUE masterpiece. 

The façade is plain, but the interior of this 15th century church was transformed into one of Portugal's most exceptional examples of woodwork and gilding in the 17th century.

Even after seeing the even more over-the-top interior of São Francisco Church, this rococo and baroque masterpiece doesn't fail to impress.
It is somewhat hidden behind a small square, so it may seem a little hard to find, but it is just a couple of minutes from behind Batalha Square.


Sim....tb tiramos fotos black & white ás x's...coisa rara anyway... 
no me gusta asi mucho mucho, confesso!!! 

The Metro line crossing LUIS I bridge...
The metro with the world nicest view... ever!!!

So it was.... 
what a nice time shooting around... in 25 minutes!!...

Such a wonder!!! :)

Cumprimentos da gerência!!!! 
Sim.... òspoixxx haverá maizzzzzz.... !!!

Jan 7, 2012

haPPy b'date Manu

6th January!!!

Happy B'date to me!!!!

Oh k coisa fofa... como eu era giraçaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

....6 Janeiro 1969... o dia em k o mundo mudou!!!! 
Para mt melhor, claro!!! 

PS: E.... perontezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, assim foi o 1º post de 2012.

Happy New year guyzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!