Dec 3, 2011

en La plaZa enCantaDa!!!...

Hello again!! 

Back on d'a road with my best friend... Publicar entrada
Here is the result of a quick shooting at OPORTO central city area yesterday... ... 

Enjoy.... >:D

 Carmo Church  in  front... 

The Carmo Church was built in 1756 and is considered a fine example of late baroque architecture. The amazing azulejo tile panels to the sidewall depict scenes from the founding of the Carmelite order and were completed by Silvestre Silvestri in 1912. Inside are seven gilt carved altars by Francisco Pereira Campanha. The house that separates this church from the Carmelite Church is a metre wide and was occupied until the 1980s. Built to comply with a law that churches could not share a common wall, it is also said that it ensured chastity between the nuns and the monks!

Leões square with the 2 churches:  Carmelitas on the left side, and Carmo on the right side. :)

Look carefully and what looks like just one big church is actually two connected by what is one of the world's narrowest houses - just 1 meter wide. 

To the left is Carmelitas Church, part of a former 17th century convent with a simple classical façade, a bell tower, and a richly gilded interior. 

To the right is Carmo Church, built later in the 18th century. It is a magnificent example of late baroque architecture with a single nave made up of elegant gilt carvings in seven altars by master Francisco Pereira Campanhã. 
Outside, an extraordinary side wall is completely covered in blue and white tile panels. 

The house that separates the two churches was inhabited until about 20 years ago. It was built due to a law that stated that no two churches could share a wall, while also ensuring chastity between the monks of Carmo and the nuns of Carmelitas.

Si claro...esta fotita es de otro dia..... 
Shoot taken other day.... I bet u saw that too. ..... :) 
Here u can see the amazing tiles covering CARMO CHURCH façade.
Superb Work indeed!! Very unique and typical in my country.

at d'a panorama LanD... d'a FUNNY land!!

Carmo Church , OPORTO city.
Built in 1756 and is considered a fine example of  late baroque architecture.


Y asi fué ...màs uno momentico cultural...

Merry X'mas 2 u too!


macho sensivel said...

Gosto das tuas fotos! :)

Manu World said...

:)) obgd,welcome ao meu cantinho. >:D beijinho :)

M. said...

What about Mr. ConegÔ???

Manu World said...

pois, num xei....n cheguei a marcar a reunião... estava á espera de 1 casamento ou 1

S* said...

Sou apaixonada por igrejas... e as do Porto são lindas.

Manu World said...

:) são mm. obgd. Beijinhos***