Feb 1, 2011

JeróNiMos MonaSteRy

Sept. / Oct. 2010

The Hieronymites Monastery (Mosteiro dos JerónimosPortuguese pronunciation: [muʃˈtɐjɾu duʃ ʒɨˈɾɔnimuʃ]) is located in the Belém district of LisbonPortugal. This magnificent monastery can be considered one of the most prominent monuments in Lisbon and is certainly one of the most successful achievements of the Manuelinestyle (Portuguese late-Gothic). In 1983, it was classified by the UNESCO, with nearby Belém Tower, as a World Heritage Site.

Jerónimos Monastery, Lisbon city, Portugal.

Esta maltinha lá dentro do Mosteiro.... julgava k estava algures nas Docas ou no supermercado.... era tamanha a barulheira...Enfim.... 
Uma grd falta de respeito!! Shocking!!! Grrrrr :(

O meu pescoço reclama mas a minha alma agradece... muiiiito...muitoooooooo!!!
....Ohhhh ......'coisinha' maiiiiiiiii liiiiiinda esta!!! :) 

The house for the Hieronymite monks was built on the same site of the Ermida do Restelo, a hermitage that was founded by Henry the Navigator at about 1450. It was at this hermitage, that was already in disrepair, that Vasco da Gama and his men spent the night in prayer before departing for India in 1497. (... ... )

Looking God!!! ... Looking so good!!!! :)))

Some other photos of this huge Monastery at:

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Now that I’m back home, I discovered that all my pics & videos come out with too bad quality!!! LOL

It took me over 24 hours -- In over 2 weeks -- of HARD work to 'conclude' this LONGGGGGG post...  and i don't like the way it's looking now....
 :(((   Grrrrrrrr

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