May 9, 2007

Monastery of Leça do Balio -- PORTUGAL


Today i visited the Monastery of Leça do Balio, about 30 minutes far from home. I invited Tânia and we went together to visit this huge monastery in Northern Portugal. It was easy and fast 2 reach it...
Then....who cares what happened after?? You can guess by the pics showed here..can't u?? LOL
Ok,ok,ok... Enjoy!! :)

Cemitery entrance, the Monastery in the background.
U can see in the pic a curiosity: today the word LESSA it's not written that way anymore... u can see by the cemitery date.... today we write LEÇA!! :)

Just a marvelous wooden roof, ugh?? I just love it!! I'm afraid few more years it'll need a full remodeling! :(

Monastery of Leça do Balio
This monastery it's today proudly a national monument. It's a MEDIEVAL monument; it's one of the brightest architectural examples representing the transition between the ROMANIC to the GOTHIC styles. The origins are back to X century.
The monastery was built in the century XVI by Diogo Pires.
Where lies today this monastery, there was in the year of 900 (Yeah, really before you and me were both born!! But because we are all becoming obsolete, that it wasn’t much earlier than we were born!!LOL) a CONVENT, probably totally destroyed during the invasions of ALMANÇOR, in the beginning of the century XI.

Lateral Monastery entrance.

The door we used to enter the monastery....opened, just waiting for us....ehehe

Besides the Monastery.

Tuesday,8th May,I visited the Monastery of Leça do Balio, about 30 minutes far from home. I invited Tânia,my Feminis course mate,and we went together to visit this huge monastery. It was easy and fast... I took the metro line to S. João metro station,where Tânia was waiting for me, and we headed off to take the bus nr 505. That is where this bus would b passing buy & take us to the monastery. The travel was so fast... In about 15 minutes we arrived there. I was so glad to b there... I didn't knew the area at all. So it was all a big discovery to me!! I was amazed by the Monastery beauty, and i took loads of pics as well!! :)
(All the other details will b coming soon...i guess...or may b not... still have to write the ...meheheh)

This it's truly a reliquia these days!! There are no streets plates like this one anymore! I found this one on a close street near the Monastery! :)

A cemitery view. U can get a glimpse view of the Monastery in the back. Can't u?

Here are some links to the Monastery:


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, eu conheço estas fotos!!!

sophyef said...

Sabes que descobri o mosteiro á pouco tempo. Quando fui trabalhar para a Maia.
Mas nunca visitei por dentro. Ando a adiar, e ele aqui tão perto.

Esta mania de que está perto podemos ir em qualquer altura, e depois vai passando.

As fotos são fantásticas.

Manu said...

Oh Sofia, n percas esta preciosidade!! O mosteiro é lindo.... e por dentro é 1 beleza tb k só visto!!!...
Podemos cobinar e vamos as n me importo nada de ir outra x!!

Bjitos e obgd pela visita!!