Mar 13, 2007

Expo 1992

Some of the people from Oceania performing at d'a expo 1992. 

Great memories from the World Expo 1992 -- Expo '92-- Seville city,in southern Spain I'd the big luck & change to go there two times. The 1st one was 2 weeks after the expo was opened, and i went with my fool university mates. We'd a totally crazy but fully interesting 4 days!! My 2nd time at Expo 92 was again in late September, i went with my family and spent there about 1 week too.

It was a year i'll never forget as it was the year i also spent 15 days in USA & Canada; And had the time of my life!!
I didn't 4get the pics i promised u guys... just b a little nore patient!! LOL


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