Mar 14, 2007

The North American pics!!


Here we are!!!
Finally i took some time off to prepare few pics for you from my 1992 North America journey in USA and Canada...
Very old pics from my old analogic camera....  On the World Expo in Seville city, Spain, in 1992... 
Boy...what a stunning travelling year 4 me!!!  :)

                                                             Niagara falls, Canada & USA
I took my big triped with me..can u believe this??!! Ahhhhh...

                                                    Toronto city, CN tower views, Canada

View from the CN tower top in TORONTO city Canada.

Obviously when i was there i haven't yet a digital camera -- There wasn't available either in my tiny country (Portugal),by the way!! That way, i only took off some very few of my scrapbooking photos and took a photo with my latest digi cam...

      Boston, New York, Niagara falls and Toronto city.

We spent there 16 days visting Canada & USA ... i just had a wonderful time and was only sad i only spent 3 days in New York, and didn't take an extra 4 or 5 days there after my whole trip. New York was indeed my start and my end point of my whole North America journey!! NYC rocks!!!

New York and Toronto cities.

Toronto city, Canada. 
The marvelous CN tower... at that time was 1 of the world highest ones... My God!!!

Montreal city cathedral,a Boston city reflex, Niagara falls, Washington city (Lincoln monument) & 3 New York views.

Montreal city cathedral....

New York, New York... from the cruise i nite!!
Shaking Manu... shaking!!!!!!

I'd there the time of my life! And look forward to b back to North America soon again as well.

We were in Ottawa and Washington DC too...but i guess i have not digitalizated my shoots from there... buhhh buhhh.... Gotta try 2 do it now.... 20 years
Travelling rocks!!!

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Rick said...

Nice to see how things looked 20 years ago ! I live about a 3-hour drive from Toronto, and 1.5 hours from Montreal, 4 hours from Quebec City. Here are a few of my Quebec shots.